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A Self Advocate Perspective: Strengthening the System of Support
Join us on April 12, 2022 to hear from self-advocates in Florida as they discuss their membership in the Florida Developmental Disabilities Network Leadership Development Program. Attendees will learn about work being done to identify barriers and solutions to improve quality employment services for Floridians with developmental disabilities. During the event, our speakers will describe the creation of a scorecard that allows people with disabilities to determine whether they are receiving high quality employment services.

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Arizona Jenkins
President and Treasurer @New Horizon's Support Group
Arizona is president and treasurer of NHSG. Arizona is an inspirational friend to many. He was born in 1975 with cerebral palsy. Doctors told his mother not to bother taking him home as he did not have much longer to live. After multiple surgeries and much loving care Arizona grew up to become an inspirational leader. The left half of Arizona’s body is paralyzed. And despite the limited use of his right hand because of deformity, he manages to operate a motorized wheel-chair and stay connected on-the-go with a cell phone and Bluetooth receiver in his right ear. He has difficulty with speech but does not mind repeating and enunciating until understood. Aside from requiring assistance from a nurse in the morning and at night, he leads an independent life, where he is a tireless advocate for people with disabilities at the local, state and national level. He is available for his group 24/7 and always helpful with that infectious smile.